First, a treat. You can read the first chapter of the first book of Margit Sandemo's series, Trollruner/Trollrunor here, via Boknöje's homepage. Click here to automatically open that file. Please note that you need a pdf-viewer to read the document and that the document is in Swedish.

If you want to subscribe to the Norweigan books, go to Bladkompaniet's homepage and follow the instructions.

If you want to subscribe to the Swedish books enter Boknöje's homepage and follow the instructions.

This site will include information about the author Margit Sandemo.
The information about Margit Sandemo has been approved by herself, and on the Swedish version there is an interview that the author conducted.

The site will also include information about the books, for example titles in various languages (those languages that the books has been released in).
Please note that all the names of the series has been translated from Swedish by me. The series seems to keep the same name throughout the languages, therefore the names are merely guesses.

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